Menthol Ban – Message To Our Customers

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Menthol Ban – Message To Our Customers

Dear Custom Blends Customers,

As you may have heard, the FDA is attempting to eliminate menthol cigarettes (including RYO) and flavored cigars. This is an attempt by the FDA to limit tobacco consumption by making the flavor of tobacco less appealing. This will put the prepackaged cigarette industry in a real problem. Because they have manipulated the tobacco in cigarettes and added all the chemicals and additives to enhance their profit, the cigarettes do not taste like tobacco anymore. So they add flavors to make it more appealing which is now under attack by the FDA. Without their added flavors the “tobacco” in their manufactured cigarettes do NOT taste like tobacco, instead they taste like treated paper. And the FDA will NOT allow these manufacturers to change their cigarettes to make them more appealing without flavors and flavorings. 

The bottom line is that yes, if the FDA eliminates menthol tobacco we will have to cease production of our menthol blends. However you do have the option to transition to a non menthol Custom Blend and we will have methods and supplies for you to enhance the flavor of your natural Custom Blend tobacco at home. 

As your favorite brand of gourmet tobacco, it is our responsibility to satisfy our consumers, legally, in a highly regulated and changing industry. 

By sticking to tradition, by respecting tobacco for the herb it is and not treating this natural plant like a money sponge, by making your own cigarettes with the cleanest and best tobacco on the market so that you know what you’re smoking, by using papers and tubes without chemical speed bumps to stop the burning, we feel that our consumers can enjoy a true tobacco experience and leave the unpleasant after tastes and odors that virtually every other prepackaged cigarette has. 

To help our menthol consumers we are currently working on a method to allow you to purchase in bulk. That way you can stock up your favorite Blends in preparation for this undue intrusion into our industry. 

Finally, keep in mind that this issue will be litigated, litigated again, relitigated and relitigated again. Who knows when the final decision will come down. But keep in mind that with the previous flavor ban we were not given warning nor time to sell out product, and the flavored tobacco was demanded off the market in 30 days. 

Thanks to all our customers and we will continue to provide the gourmet tobacco experience you have come to expect from Custom Blends since 1993. 

Thanks y’all!
Mark and Frances

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