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Over 37 Blends of High Quality, True Premium, Farm Fresh, Roll-Your-Own Cigarette Tobacco since 1993!

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Custom Blends Tobacco has been delivering Farm Fresh Cigarette Tobacco to our customers for 27 years and counting!


Our tobacco is fine cut from the top and mid-leaf of the plant reducing stems often picked up by lower quality brands


Roll-Your-Own Tobacco is a cheaper alternative for cigarette smokers looking to save money and still enjoy a smoke.


Farm Fresh means we don’t spray our tobacco with harmful chemicals that are unnecessary to growing, curing and processing the tobacco


We don’t use extra additives than what’s necessary to flavor our tobaccos. Custom Blends #28 is virtually untouched after leaving the farm, a true full flavor blend.


We are proudly acknowledged by the FDA as a Grandfathered Cigarette Tobacco Company with over 27 blends recognized and approved by the FDA

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Our History

The Story of Custom Blends

Founder and Owner Mark Tucci recognized the tradition and overall atmosphere rolling your own cigarettes had in foreign countries during the late 80s and early 90s. This feeling was an overall luxurious and mature vibe, one quite different from his experience in the USA. You knew what you smoked, and therefore companies provided high quality, fresh and nicely packaged tobacco. He felt this was something American smokers were missing a true premium roll-your-own experience.

Established in 1993

Custom Blends Tobacco was formed in 1993 in York, Pennsylvania.

Smokin’ Start

After establishment, Custom Blends Tobacco quickly took off and was sold in 23 countries.

Custom Blends Franchise

Custom Blends Smoke Shops aka Planet R.Y.O. became a huge PA smoker sensation with 11 locations throughout the state.

Present Day

Custom Blends was granted Grandfather Status from the FDA being labeled as a Premium Roll-Your-Own Cigarette Tobacco!

A Premium Roll-Your-Own Experience

The Secret of Success

Mark Tucci’s envision on bringing a true premium roll-your-own cigarette tobacco company to America was quite simple. It involved ethics, quality, packaging all of which leads to the most important part, customer satisfaction.

Quality over Quantity

We enjoy a good smoke! So quality matters. Our tobacco is cut from the best parts of the leaf!

37 Custom Blends Flavors!

At one point we had 50 different blends. Today we have 37 Blends Grandfathered in by the FDA!

Cigarette Tobacco NOT Pipe

While ‘pipe’ tobacco becomes discontinued, our ethics have allowed us to stay on the shelves!

New Foil Fresh Bags!

No windows, foiled interior, resealable pouch. These bags are just as ‘fresh’ as the tobacco iself.

Private Label R.Y.O. Cigarette Tobacco

We have 37 blends of roll-your-own cigarette tobacco grandfathered into the FDA. These blends feature high quality tobaccos of all varieties, flavors and origins. For more information on how you can get private labeled bags for your business or purchase a FDA Grandfathered blend, call the number below.

1-888-BLEND-ME (253-6363)

Visit Planet R.Y.O. for all your smoking needs!

Planet R.Y.O. (formerly Custom Blends Smoke Shop) is a roll-your-own haven featuring tubes, rolling papers, machines, pipes and cigars from around the world!



The creative world has always orbitted around Custom Blends for ages! Join our community pages to view showcased works of artists, musicians and entertainers all over the nation!

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