Custom Blends Farm Fresh Tobacco

We have 37 cigarette blends that received ‘Grandfather Status’ by the FDA in 2020. As Pipe Tobacco becomes discontinued and pulled from the shelves, roll-your-own smokers are starting to look for alternatives. Custom Blends Tobacco provides a better, true premium smoking experience. Minimal processing, additives and chemicals, thin cuts, superior packaging, and a wide variety of blends to choose from!

Be Prepared To Be Impressed

Starting in 1993, we set out on a mission to provide the best tobacco and smoking experience one could find. This required finding the best farms, using minimal chemicals and additives, providing blends to satisfy any smoker and packaging it in very nice, aesthetic, durable bags.

Custom Blends Tobacco Blend 1

Custom Blends #1

A Regular Mellow flavor blended by Burleys and Light Virginia Tobaccos. Pair this one with light or full flavored tubes to enjoy this mellow, robust blend.

Custom Blends #3

A firm Mild Tobacco blend, blended using only pure Virginia tobaccos and ‘a kiss from the sun.’ This blend is reminiscent to traditional English style blends, or the familiar mellow ‘blue’ blends.

Custom Blends Tobacco Blend 3

Custom Blends Tobacco Blend 4

Custom Blends #4

A Full Strength Menthol Blend, combining aromatic Burleys and Golden Virginias and adding our Menthol made of Eucalyptus and Spearmint. The perfect balance of strength and menthol gives this blend the western menthol flavor many people seek.

Custom Blends #6

A full strength menthol blend made of Virginia and Burley tobaccos and a splash of Orientals for an enhanced flavor. Topped with our menthol flavoring made of Eucalyptus and Spearmint.

Custom Blends Tobacco Blend 6

Custom Blends Tobacco Blend 11

Custom Blends #11

A definitive American flavored blend, made with premium Virginias, rich Burleys and a splash of Oriental Tobaccos. This blend provides a rich and chewy experience with a unique aroma.

Custom Blends #21

An Ultra Mellow blend mixed with a combination of rich golden Virginias and a touch of mild Burley to enrich the flavor. Blend 21 is one of the most mellow tobaccos you can find.

Custom Blends Tobacco Blend 21

Custom Blends Tobacco Blend

Custom Blends #28

A traditional full strength blend that is the embodiment of Farm Fresh Tobacco. This blend combines Burleys, Virginias and Oriental tobaccos to bring that spirited flavor many enjoy.

Custom Blends #36

A Mellow Turkish blend featuring Burley, Oriental, Virginia and Turkish tobaccos. This blend has a rich flavor. The strength of this blend can be adjusted by using different cigarette tubes.

Custom Blends Tobacco Blend 36

What separates us from the competition? We provide a true premium roll-your-own cigarette tobacco. Avoiding unnecessary processes and using nothing but the best parts of the leaf.

Farm Fresh Tobacco

Our most importance is providing Farm Fresh Tobacco. This means providing high-quality, fine cut, minimal chemicals and additives. See Blend 28 for our ultimate Farm Fresh Blend.

Packaged to Preserve

Our bags are built to keep our product as intended. Store these windowless, foiled and resealable bags in room temperature and there’s no need to worry about your tobacco going stale.

Grandfather Status

Since 1993, we have labeled ourselves as a true Premium Cigarette Tobacco company. Wise ethics have granted us Grandfather Status by the FDA in 2020!

Ask us how you can purchase your own R.Y.O. cigarette tobacco blend!