Private Label Roll-Your-Own Cigarette Tobacco by Custom Blends

Custom Blends Farm Fresh Tobacco

Private Label Roll-Your-Own Cigarette Tobacco

Getting branded roll-your-own cigarette tobacco has never been easier!

Provide your customers premium roll-your-own cigarette tobacco they can enjoy with a brand they can trust.

Custom Blends Tobacco features pure tobacco, cut from the mid and top leaf of the plant to reduce sticks and stems. No herbicides, pesticides or added chemicals are used. Packaged in foiled bags to preserve freshness when stored in room temperatures!

Consumer Benefits

Farm Fresh Tobacco
9 Blends Available
Cut For Quality
Packaged to Preserve

Business Benefits

Build Brand Recognition
Increase Sales Profits
Grow Trust & Loyalty
Grandfathered by the FDA

Private labeling is a great way for smoke shops to market their brand

Private labeling is a great tactic used by small businesses to help them grow their brand. Our private label roll your own cigarette tobacco can help tobacco shops, smoke shops and head shops gain trust and expand their audience.

We take pride in the tobacco we provide!

Our tobacco is ‘Farm Fresh’ voided of excessive chemicals unneeded to grow, cure and process the tobacco.

Our bags are foiled, windowless and zip-sealed to keep the tobacco fresh for months when stored at room temperatures.

Our cigarette tobacco blends are grandfathered by the FDA. So there’s no threat of them being pulled off the shelves in the future.

Private Label RYO Cigarette Tobacco

9 Blends Available!

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