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Burley & Golden Virginias

Blend 4 is a full-strength menthol tobacco. Combining aromatic Burleys with Golden Virginians and adding our menthol which is made of eucalyptus and spearmint, gives this blend that western menthol flavor that a myriad of people seek. It keeps that perfect balance of strength with volume of menthol that satisfies those that are used to the more expensive brands. 

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Our mission has always been providing high-quality cigarette tobacco. Minimal chemicals, minimal additives, minimal stems and the best cuts available!

Packaged for Freshness

What good is the quality if it quickly goes stale? Our foiled, windowless and resealable bags preserve the freshness of the tobacco when it’s stored in room temperatures!

Grandfather Status by FDA

In 2020 the FDA granted Custom Blends Tobacco ‘Grandfather Status’ recognizing us and 27 of our blends as a Premium Roll-Your-Own Cigarette Tobacco Brand!

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